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Beast Feast

Freeze-Dried Bison Scapula

Freeze-Dried Bison Scapula

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Our freeze-dried bison scapulas are sourced from family-owned bison ranches that practice rotational grazing throughout the American West. Scapulas are a softer chew that are perfect for teething puppies or senior dogs whose teeth may be a little more sensitive. They're also rich in calcium, phosphorus, chondroitin, and glucosamine so you're fortifying your pup's hips and joints while they clean their teeth and stimulate their mind. 

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Customer Reviews

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Sheryn Robinson
Fantastic for large dogs!

I have had a few orders from Beast Feast and they never disappoint. The Freeze-Deied Bison Scapula are fully edible chews. My dogs are large (76 lbs) and extra large (over 100 lbs).

I prefer freeze-dried since they crumble off bits as they chew, I haven't noticed any big chunks to worry about how they digest them.

We will continue to order whenever they are in stock. They take at minimum 15-20 minutes of dedicated chewing, and then my two are ready for a nap after that workout.

We are very happy customers and will continue to order anytime the scapula are in stock.

Deana F
long lasting but be cautious

My Shepherd loved the Bison scapula and although I expected her to devour it in a few minutes, because of it being freeze dried, it actually took about 20 minutes. The scapula is about the size of a dinner plate and appears to be completely edible but be cautious that this is still a bone and small fragments can have sharp edges. I didn't think to take any pics/videos but with supervision your pup will enjoy this treat too.